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Why Volunteer?

ACS Cobham Girl Scouts is completely and totally run by parent volunteers. With a transient parent community that is a very big ask. We know that many of you are only here for a short time and see the commitment of helping out at Girl Scouts to be perhaps a step too far during your short time away from home.


Volunteering to work with Girl Scouts however can be one of the most rewarding ways of integrating quickly into a new community. Both you and your daughter will make new friends quickly! And helping with your daughter's troop lets you spend some valuable time with her. As the girls get older, being "allowed" to spend time with her and her friends and enjoy their activities with them becomes limited. Girl Scouts is one way to still be involved.


The time commitment really is not much. We meet roughly 2x a month for 1 1/2 hours and leaders meet once a month for the same time also. That's only 4 1/2 hours a month. Not alot.


Never been a troop leader before? Don't worry very few of us have either! Not only are there loads of  online resouces available, but we will help you plan your year and offer training. Every journey has a leader guide that tells you right down to the basics how to run your meetings. And you won't be on your own. We ask parents to volunteer also to help out each meeting. Finally you won't be out of pocket. We have a lot of supplies, troops are given a budget and parents are always willing to contribute more for special events.


For those of you with other siblings, we have in the past offered babysitting during troop meetings and can consider doing that again. The LS library is open until 4:30 and the MS one until 5pm for older siblings. Little ones are also welcome at meetings.


We welcome both mums and dads as troop leaders and volunteers and you don't have to troop leader for your daughter. We have spots at all levels and on our Committee.  The only requirements are that you agree to be DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked. This will be done by ACS Cobham and involves no cost to you. Additionally, we will pay your membership fee to Girl Scouts.


We appreciate that not everyone can or wants to be a troop leader. However we do require that every parent volunteer to help at least once on a committee and to provide snack/help out at a meeting.


Interested? Please use the contact page to get in touch!