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Girl Scouts can wear earn a number of diferent types of badges at all levels in addition to their Journey awards. In all cases the awards are progressive.   These are grouped into 4 types as listed below. More informatin on all can be found on the For Girls website - Badge Explorer.





National Proficiency Badges

Legacy Badges 300px SkillBuildingBadges Cookie Badges Small Financial Badges small

Skill Building Sets Associated with each journey from Brownies through Seniors. Click on the picture for a link to a flow chart.

Legacy Badges. These are progressive badges in areas Girl Scouts have been earning badges in since 1912. There is alot to do and girls can pick what they are most interested in. Click on the picture for more information.

Financial Literacy Badges. These help girls learn about money - whether it is how to make it, spend it, save and share. There are additional two financial literacy petals for Daisies. Click on the picture for more information.

Cookie Business Badges. These take the skills learnt in the financial literacy badge and put them to work and also include two special petals for Daisies They are probably some of the hardest to earn at ACS Cobham as we don't sell the actual Girl Scout cookies. However, the committee is willing to devise ways for the girls to earn these badges through our homemade cookie sales.