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Any girl of any nationality enrolled at ACS Cobham International School or any American girl in our local community can join the ACS Cobham Girl Scouts.  Joining girl scouts is a great way for your daughter (and you!) to make new friends. At ACS Cobham EC and LS girls don't socialize outside of their class other than at recess. By joining girl scouts she will meet girls from other classes and increase her social circle. For some year groups where girls are a minority this is a real issue and girl scouts has been a big help in the girls having a wider circle of friends.


We enroll girls throughout the year and offer a number of different options including a try-it for the spring campout. If you are transferring from another troop during the year, this can be easily arranged. We just need to know your troop number and location and will pro-rate the contribution.


Troop meetings are held for K-8th usually twice a month on alternate Fridays after school for LS and MS and on Thursdays for Kindergarten The schedule can be downloaded on the FORMS link below. Kindergarten meetings last an hour, grades 1 - 4 are for an hour and a half. Kindergarten girls will be delivered to the LS to join older sisters at the end of their meeting. Babysitting for leaders and helpers is available (depending on volunteers) for an hour during the Kindergarten meeting.


Middle school troops have rooms reserved for Friday afternoons so as not to conflict with sports and other events but final troop meeting dates will be set by the troop leaders early in the new school year once they know the girls activities. Decisions are made on the basis of what works for the majority. If a high school troop is formed, the committee will work to find a venue.


As girl scouts is totally run by parent volunteers, we ask for a contribution upfront to cover initial costs for troops and main events as well as the joining fee paid to Girl Scouts in the USA. You may be asked for additional fees for trips and other troop expenses as well as for the Father-Daughter Dance. A breakdown of the requested contribution is also attached below.


Registrations for the 2016-2017 School Year will start at the Kick Off meeting on Friday August 26th 2016 in the Sports Cafe, located in the Sports Centre. Forms will also be available at our table in the marble hall during EC & LS orientation days (Aug 19th) and available online from that point.


If you cannot make the meeting, please leave the forms and cheque with Julie Wainwright in the LS office asap after school starts. Registrations are due by September 2nd! If you do so please email us to advise you have left them ([email protected]). Likewise if you would like to transfer funds to cover costs, please email and we will send you the bank account details.



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