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Girl Scouting at ACS Cobham is open to girls of all nationalities from K - 12th grade at ACS Cobham as well as American girls who live in our community. It is never too late to join in the fun. Girls can join at anytime throughout the year.


We offer two primary options and a short try-it opportunity:


Troops - These offer girls the opportunity to participate in the girl scout leadership experience as a group. This is the normal option for girls through middle school. Troops meet roughly 2x a month.


Juliettes - the opportunity to work on their own. This option is usually taken by older girls (8th grade + ) due to time constraints or the lack of a numbers to make up a troop


Camp - We offer the opportunity to try out girl scouting at our spring campout. Come join the fun and learn what girl scouting is all about.


Please note that to work on one of the highest awards, you must be a registered Cadette, Senior or Ambassador.

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